Potensic T25 Review

Potensic T25 Drone

In Review the Potensic T25,the only one drone not foldable in this review, the Potensic T25, let’s see if it will be the best drone for under 200. In terms of specs is very similar with the SNAPTAIN, also with the 1080P camera, long range connectivity, and also the low battery life, but this Potensic can have even more less battery life, with only 10min! The second battery help, but it’s not the same experience and fun. In terms of usage, for beginners will be harder, because of the long learning curve of this product versus other drones in this review. For the last, this drone isn’t foldable, but he brings a nice suite case to help in the transportation.

Product Details Product Details

– Transmission: Wifi
– Fly Time: 10Min
– Camera: 1080p
– GPS: Yes
– FPV: Yes
– SD Card Slot: Yes (up to 32GB)
– Price: 159.99

pros Pros

– Range
– Stable
– Carry Case
– Extra parts
– Second Battery

cons Cons

– Battery Life
– Learning Curve

Disclaimer: The Pros and Cons presented in this review are based in the comparison between the different products refered in the roundup page related.

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