In Review the SNAPTAIN SP500. Promotional price Alert! But lets check this FPV drone under 200! Comparing with our previous 4DRC this SNAPTAIN in the main specs have low battery life (also with 2 batteries) and camera (1080P vs 4K), but we know, quality makes the difference! This SNAPTAIN have a solid build that can give you a better experience in the beginning, where you will have several crashes, but this is not the only thing, this drone has a huge range connectivity (with image control) comparing with others. The cons in this product are the motor quality and some users reported some flaws in the app control. But all the specs for 200$ drone justify the price? Sorry, but not our choice, let’s see the next products and find the best drone for $200!

Product Details Product Details

– Transmission: Wifi
– Fly Time: 15Min
– Camera: 1080p
– GPS: Yes
– FPV: Yes
– SD Card Slot: Yes (up to 128GB)
– Price: 149.99 (promotion)

pros Pros

– Solid Build
– Range
– Extra parts
– Second Battery

cons Cons

– Buggy App
– Brushed Motor

Disclaimer: The Pros and Cons presented in this review are based in the comparison between the different products refered in the roundup page related.

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